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Retarded Marvel Moment

I recently rented Marvel Ultimate Alliance from Game Fly - great game. Cruse through much of it very quickly. Now I seem to be stuck though. I’m in Murder World - I’m on the fair grounds with a bumper car and one of those caravel games where you would naturally take a mallet and hit the peg as hard as you can to see if you can ring the bell. Well, there’s a blue x on one of those and it appears to have a life bar but no matter what I do nothing damages it and the bumper car appears to be completely worthless. I’m on a mission to rescue Kurt Wagner (I’ve already encountered Jean Gray and the Senator) but I can’t get to any of the unexplored areas until I do whatever it is I’m suppose to with this bumper car or whatever. Help!

Also, I hear there is a way to unlock Blade in Murder World?

And on a side note I’m always looking to add new gamers to play with. My game list has increased quite a bit since I’ve last posted. I now currently have: Gears Of War, Saints Row, PGR 3, Crackdown, DOA Extreme 2 and am borrowing Burnout Revenge from a friend. (There's Oblivion and Viva Piñata also that only has a friend trading creatures and plants)

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