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Command & Conquer 3

Heh, I love the naming of some of these Achievements... ie:

"No Life" - "Play multiplayer for 100 hours" - 100 Gamerpoints.

It's got some 0 Gamerpoint Achievements too, but this one caught my eye; is it a good thing or a bad thing? Good cause it makes you seem cool (I guess.. :P), or bad cause it means without it you wouldn't have a complete Achievement list (for the completionists, anyways):

"Mister NO It All" - "Negative Achievement: Skipping the Tutorial suggestion from SP". Whatever SP is.

How do you guys feel about 0 Gamerpoint Achievements, like the ones in this or DOA4? Fair game, or unneccesary?
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I'm assuming SP is single player.
FEAR also has 0 Gamerpoint Achievements too, like "Scared" (negative score in an online match), "Suicide King" (kill yourself I think five times in single player), and there's another secret one, but I haven't gotten it yet, but I think it's 0 points too.